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We advise you if you want to set up a business in Austria, help you if you have questions about the company formation, VAT and EORI number and support you if you need information about companies registered in Austria.

 Austria is known for its international orientation and offers the best prerequisites for business settlement and expansion. Austrian law offers the right type of business for every company size and every branch.


Here is a brief summary with initial general information:

It should be noted that in Austria you need appropriate business licenses for business activities. Many can be applied for without special conditions. However, some of these licenses are tied to a special certificate of proficiency. This can be appropriate vocational training, a corresponding degree or even a long-term proof of practical experience.


Sole proprietorship

The simplest form of starting a company is as a sole proprietorship.

If you already have a residence permit, the establishment can be completed within a few days. The requirements for the establishment are low. We offer all-inclusive offers where we apply for the NeuFög funding, carry out the business license registration and make the corresponding reports to the tax office and social security insurance. If all the necessary documents are available, we can set up and register your company for you within a week.

It is more difficult if you do not yet have a residence permit, then you need a very good business plan and also have to prove that you are able to finance your living in Austria. In comparison to other forms of company, it should be noted that you are liable for your company with all of your private assets.



If you already have a company in your home country, there is the possibility of a branch office. The advantage is that you do not need any share capital for this establishment and still have a complete business identity in Austria. You can choose between two levels, level one we call Project Office, so you already have an identity in Austria and is ideal for market screening, project and business preparation.

In the second stage, the Project Office can be expanded into a complete branch. This means you will receive an Austrian tax number and the branch can do business in Austria to the fullest extent. The advantages of the branch are: the cost of around 4,000 to 5,000 euros is low, it can be dissolved again without great effort, you do not need any share capital, you do not have to come to Austria for the establishment, you do not need a notary, you can too apply for an Austrian bank account, you only need a permanent representative and no managing director under trade law, the monthly fixed costs for operating a branch are minimal and range between 450 and 600 euros.

The only negative point to having a branch is that it is not independent from the parent company in your home country. Many of our clients start with a branch office and when business is going well they upgrade the branch office to an independent GmbH.



If you do not have a company yet, want to found an independent company or a subsidiary, the form of a GmbH is recommended. It represents the Austrian variant of a Ltd.

For the establishment of a GmbH you need a managing director under trade law. The person must be registered in Austria and must also live here. The GmbH can consist of several shareholders. The shareholders do not have to live in Austria. However, a bank account in Austria is absolutely necessary. The share capital must be paid into this account. The legal minimum capital is 10,000 euros. At least 50% of this must be paid in cash when the company is founded, the rest can be brought in in kind.

The main advantage of a GmbH is: The limited liability, the shareholders are only liable with the paid-in capital, the GmbH can be designed independently of the parent company. The disadvantage are the higher start-up costs (you have to calculate with around 10,000 to 15,000 euros) and the higher monthly fixed costs. The commercial manager has to be employed and causes monthly costs of at least 3500 euros.


Owner, shareholders and managers of branches and GmbHs can apply for a residence permit, they will then receive a special residence permit with which they can enter and stay in Austria without any problems.


Parent companies of branches or subsidiaries can send employees to Austria. These employees also receive a residence permit for the duration of their employment in Austria. The duration of the approval depends on the bilateral agreements between Austria and your country. As a rule, the approved duration is between 12 and 60 months, although an extension may be possible.


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